Dec 13, 2009

The run-in with the Snow Plow!!!

Can we say SNOW!!! I can not believe how much we have gotten in such a short time...Jordan and Richard were out shoveling the driveway and had just gotten it all done when along came the snowplow and buried the driveway with 3 feet of new snow. Needless to say they were both alittle discussed about it and so they started to shovel again when they almost finished and the plow came by again and buried them again. I think it took them about an hour to get the driveway shoveled. It was a REAL experience but not an exciting one. I thought it was funny so decided to take a few pictures.

On our first day of snow, Jordan went to early morning Seminary and got to school just fine, this being the first time he has driven in snow since he got his license, but hit a slick spot going into the parking lot at school and hit the post. Not a fun experience since this is his only mode of transportation. It took out the right headlight and the fender had to be pushed out to drive it home. Needless to say he's on foot at the moment and now mom has become his taxi!! I hope it gets fixed soon but I guess replacing the fender it the expensive part, so we will see. He might be on foot till after Christmas vacation.

Nov 29, 2009


We celebrated Garrett's birthday on the 24th with cake and icecream. Garrett is 20 today!! We thought since he was on a mission that we would celebrate without him and send him pic's! It was great fun and Adrienne and Justin celebrated with us!! Happy Birthday Garrett! Love ya

For Thanksgiving we went to Patsy's and Larry's house! We really had an enjoyable time with them. While we were there we went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was warm this year compared to other years, I guess because we didn't have any snow! The lights were still beautiful. We found among all the Nativities, one from Japan! It was so cute. We took a picture of it but don't know if you can see it very well. We also tried to find a luminary from Mexico for Garrett but couldn't find one. There were millions of them lighting the pathways. I'm sure there was one there, we just didn't see it. At the top of the Joseph Smith building we saw a Nutcracker that we had to have our picture taken with. Jordan wouldn't cooperate with me...he kept sticking out his tongue!

One morning at Patsy's we decided to take a ride in the paddle boat behind her house. There wasn't much ice so we thought it would be OK. To our surprize, when we tried to go out of the area, the paddle boat wouldn't break through the ice so we had to just do a ride in a small circle. Jordan enjoyed it anyway. The ice didn't look that thick at first. After that we helped Larry put the boat away for the winter..guess we'll have to go take a ride come summer.

While at Patsy's we did alittle Geo-Caching! They are into it big time. We looked up some finds in Tooele. We didn't do to bad...we found 3 out of the 5 we went looking for. Our last one was in a street sign. The clues for them are always interesting. It was a fun time!

Jordan broke his finger playing church basketball. The second time in three years! I'm almost ready to restrict him. you can't see it in this picture but he has a bone chip on his knuckle so it's all black and blue. He is in a splint for another 8 weeks till it heals. Guess that is it for basketball for this year. In the ER the doctor told us that Church basketball is rated #6 on the list for the most injuries. Don't know where he got that info from. Jordan had to take a math test with his hand in a full arm splint for the last day of the tri, which was Friday. The accident happened on Thursday! Not Fun !!

Nov 13, 2009

Garrett in Rosarito

These pictures are of Garrett ...They went to Tijuana and had lunch with the Sister Missionaries. I think these burritos are tooooo big!! They go to Tijuana for District Meetings. These other pictures are ones that Garrett sent and thought you would enjoy seeing them. The one is of his companion playing the rubic cube (hey Jennie). I guess that is one game they can play. Garrett said his companion showed him how to solve it in three days. Don't know the names of any people in the pictures so maybe next time I can tell you. Garrett didn't say!

Nov 10, 2009

Garrett recently sent some pictures, so we thought that we would share them with you. this first picture is one that Garrett sent Jordan. I guess that he was teaching an invesigator that had some pretty cool cars...and you know how Garrett loves his cars!

These next two pictures are of Garrett's newest baptism in the ocean.

This Last picture is of a power pole in the poor section of town. It is pretty funny how all the poor hook up there own lines to the poles. Justin reports that is how it is in most south american countries. Every so often the power companies will go around and unhook all the lines. After they leave all the people will come and rehook up all the lines to recieve free power.

Nov 6, 2009

Halloween pictures

These are just some pictures from Halloween since I missed posting for all our activities last month. My Halloween quilt that I made for Cassy and this one for myself. Our pumpkins that we carved for Halloween that we got from our adventure in Ogden with the grandkids. My witch that dad bought me at Witches Night Out. My cute treat bags that I made for my grandkids for Halloween. They turned out sooooooo cute. Then of course the pic's of us at the hospital with our new grandaughter, Leah.

Jordan's Band Concert

The first concert of the year was to present their Field-show performances and show off their new Uniforms!! The band came into the auditorium from the sides and back. Jordan was on the stage with the drumline. It was pretty neat. We got a nice look at their uniforms and all the new cadences they had worked so hard on. It was fun to see them up close since we are always on the sidelines at the football games. Here is some pictures of him at the concert. The Vernal Express also did a write up on the band this week so I will try and put the article on here as well. It is quite the treat as the Vernal Express never writes about them. I guess it is the Uniforms!
This is the news paper article. Jordan is the middle drummer in the front on the second picture.

Nov 5, 2009

Garrett's Ensenada Video's

Garrett sent his SD cards home from his camera and there were some videos on them so I thought that it would be fun for you to see them. I already posted some of these pictures but thought you'd like to hear his voice.

This first video is of his 6month tie burning. They use Raid to fuel the fire!

Sep 17, 2009

Hello from Ensenada!!

Garrett sent these pic's this past week so I thought that I'd share them with all of you. This is a picture of the Mexican Flag in the distance. Garrett said that it is HUGE! He said it would easily fit over the peach building in the background. The next picture is him standing in front of the bottom of the flagpole. You can tell from that picture that it has to be a pretty big flag. He said the Mexican people are very proud of their country. All the flags are really big like that.

Garrett just had his Six Month burning of his tie!! He has been out six months. Can you believe it?? Elder Castillo is holding his tie. He did say that it isn't one of his good ties. They have an "Ugly Tie Box" in the apartment that they got this ugly flower tie out of. I don't know what Garrett is holding but I think it is a can of Hair spray to fuel the fire with. All the Jordan noticed about this picture was that Garrett is wearing Adidas Soccer shoes. I just had to laugh.
Since Garrett has been out he has lost 65lbs.! I knew that was alot but until I got this picture, I didn't realize how much he lost. He said that he has made 10 new holes in his belt. His pants must look awful right now. I hope he can make it a little while longer for some new ones or until he quits losing weight!!

Garrett and his companion went to "Valle de Gradalupe" to see the vinyards. They look alot like the pic's that Margie sent home from Chile. I guess the weather is such that they grow well there. While they were there Garrett took a picture of this bull. I guess they grow well there too...for the bullfights!!

This is a picture Garrett took out their apartment window. It is a sunset on the ocean. Beautiful isn't it??Garrett lives on the second floor of their building, which gives them a better view!

Elder Buenrostro (from Mexico City) and also Garrett's companion in their funky hat with the dregs attached. I don't know what it is with the white sunglasses either but I'm sure it's just missionary fun.Garrett had to send this particular picture because we couldn't talk him into buying a sweater to take with him. He hates sweaters!! He said it was cold one morning so Elder Black let him borrow one of his. They left their apartment and within one block they took them off because they got to HOT. Go figure. I really laughed about that one.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. I thought this would be the best way for all of you to see them. Remember to keep him in your prayers and don't forget to write him. He enjoys mail!! Love you all and hope everything is going great!


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