Mar 20, 2010

ONE Year Down!

Garrettt was made Senior Companion and got transfered to Mexicali Mexico... the second hottest place in the world. He will have fun opening up a new area and also have a bit of shock becasue he had it pretty good in rosiarita becasue it was more modern there. I know that Mexicali is smaller and the apartments there are really simple, made of cinderblocks and cememt floors and lots of border patrols and check points to go through. No more Walk-Marts and Cosco's for him. I am excited to get his email this next week to see how it is going.
Garrett sent these pictures to us this week and I thought that I would share them with you. This first picture is of the beach in Rosarito just before he got transfered. Garrett stated "that he was on the beach not in the water" we are not sure what that really means but hey it's garrett. In the backgound of the first picture you can see a pier. Garrett mentioned that the elders all got to go to the pier for an activity...which is why we got the picture.
The other pictures that garrett sent were of the burning of his shirt for his YEAR MARK! YEA! I cant believe that he has been out a year. On the frount of his shirt Garrett drew a tie and on the back it is a car. And the third one is the actual burning of the shirt. We are so proud of Garrett and all that he has accomplished and what he will continue to accomplish the last year of his mission. We love him and will keep everyone updateded on how Garrett is doing.


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