Aug 30, 2009

Jordan's Pose

I was practicing my blogging skills and found this pic of Jordan that someone drew.....Adrienne and I are laughing as I write. What do you think???

5th Stake Organized in Vernal

Today we had Stake Conference. They organized a 5th Stake here. Elder Mayne's and Elder Butler were here from the Seventy's to make the change. All the stakes in Vernal met in their respective buildings and they broadcasted it from the Ashley Stake Center to all other buildings.The name of the new stake is "Vernal Utah Stake". Seems like that is not a novelty but actually we don't have a Vernal stake in Vernal. Adrienne is now part of that new stake as she moved into their new apartment. The stake is actually in the middle part of town. All other stakes are in the outlying areas. The only thing that affected our stake is they took Vernal 3rd Ward out of our stake and we also lost our stake building. We now are HOMELESS!! There are no more stake buildings in Vernal so they moved the stake offices into the Family History Library and we will have to beg for building space. We will probably rent the Middle School Auditorium for our Stake Conferences, but we will have to share building space till a new stake center gets built. The church owns land out by the High School next to the college so it will probably get built there. It takes two years to go through church policy so it will be awhile.
I really enjoyed Elder Mayne's talk. He talked about The True and Living Church! It comes from D&C Sec. 1:30. It is the True and Living Church because we have a living prophet!!
He talked about how many members we have in the valley that have been endowed, but out of that number we don't have that many that have current temple recommends. We have a lot of Missionary work to do!! He said," To be active is good but to be Faithful is better!" There were a lot of stories he told that I can't write here but it was a very enjoyable stake conf. I have been spiritually fed today. Love you all. Mom


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