Nov 29, 2009


We celebrated Garrett's birthday on the 24th with cake and icecream. Garrett is 20 today!! We thought since he was on a mission that we would celebrate without him and send him pic's! It was great fun and Adrienne and Justin celebrated with us!! Happy Birthday Garrett! Love ya

For Thanksgiving we went to Patsy's and Larry's house! We really had an enjoyable time with them. While we were there we went to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was warm this year compared to other years, I guess because we didn't have any snow! The lights were still beautiful. We found among all the Nativities, one from Japan! It was so cute. We took a picture of it but don't know if you can see it very well. We also tried to find a luminary from Mexico for Garrett but couldn't find one. There were millions of them lighting the pathways. I'm sure there was one there, we just didn't see it. At the top of the Joseph Smith building we saw a Nutcracker that we had to have our picture taken with. Jordan wouldn't cooperate with me...he kept sticking out his tongue!

One morning at Patsy's we decided to take a ride in the paddle boat behind her house. There wasn't much ice so we thought it would be OK. To our surprize, when we tried to go out of the area, the paddle boat wouldn't break through the ice so we had to just do a ride in a small circle. Jordan enjoyed it anyway. The ice didn't look that thick at first. After that we helped Larry put the boat away for the winter..guess we'll have to go take a ride come summer.

While at Patsy's we did alittle Geo-Caching! They are into it big time. We looked up some finds in Tooele. We didn't do to bad...we found 3 out of the 5 we went looking for. Our last one was in a street sign. The clues for them are always interesting. It was a fun time!

Jordan broke his finger playing church basketball. The second time in three years! I'm almost ready to restrict him. you can't see it in this picture but he has a bone chip on his knuckle so it's all black and blue. He is in a splint for another 8 weeks till it heals. Guess that is it for basketball for this year. In the ER the doctor told us that Church basketball is rated #6 on the list for the most injuries. Don't know where he got that info from. Jordan had to take a math test with his hand in a full arm splint for the last day of the tri, which was Friday. The accident happened on Thursday! Not Fun !!


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