Feb 9, 2010

Garrett in ROSARITO

Garrett emailed us this last week and he recently got a new compaion Elder Ramirez Jorge. Garrett also sent some pictures of some other missionaries and some water/mud that he has been talking about with all the rain that they have recieved. Does not look like fun. Garrett informed us that he recently moved to an other house about a block away from the other one and he was excited because they finally we have a closet in the house becasue they didnt have one before. Garrett also informed us that he will hopefully have a baptism this next week. They are trying to get some couples married so that they can be baptized. They seem to have a lot of problems with people who dont want to get married. We are glad that Garrett is doing well, and we love to hear about his struggles and successes. We love you Garrett, keep up the good work.


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