Sep 11, 2010

Summer Fun!

This year is the 100th  Year of Scouting, so for the 24th of July parade Richard marched in the parade with as many scouts as they could get to be in the parade. Richard is the District Commissioner for this area so he had the privilege to lead them. He took his neat walking staff with the scout shoe on the bottom that many of you have seen. It's pretty neat with all his carvings in it of all his positions he has held in scouting. Richard is really enjoying his calling.
We had our Millett Reunion this year at my sister's Patsy's cabin up by Mirror Lake. We had so much fun with all our children there. Some of the activities we did were to play games with the kids.This one was especially fun for them because they all had cards and when their number was drawn they got to pick a present from the center of the room.  After all the presents were taken then they got to steal a present from someone else.  The kids were hiding the ones they didn't want anyone to take from them. It was all pretty funny. I had to help Cortnie since she doesn't read yet. They loved this game.
We also went to Mirror Lake fishing and canoeing but the weather didn't cooperate with us and we got rained on and a  little hail also. They did catch some fish and the kids loved the canoe rides.
We had a real fun time doing all these activities. One that we always do is our "Whirley Pop" contest. I don't have any pictures of this right now but I will try and post some later. We always have some really good recipes and we hope to make a whirley pop cookbook. Jennie and John won this year and were able to take home the coveted trophy. Their recipe was Baby Ruth popcorn. Boy was it yummy!!!
We had a special evening where we let helium balloons with glow sticks in them go in the night sky. We wrote something about Dustin on the strings before letting them go. We cryed together and sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" as we watched the balloons go up and then disappear. We will forever miss our brother,son,husband and father.
The reunion is always a time we can be together and make memories.We appreciate all the time and effort that Jennie and John put into it to make it a memorable year.


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