Nov 13, 2009

Garrett in Rosarito

These pictures are of Garrett ...They went to Tijuana and had lunch with the Sister Missionaries. I think these burritos are tooooo big!! They go to Tijuana for District Meetings. These other pictures are ones that Garrett sent and thought you would enjoy seeing them. The one is of his companion playing the rubic cube (hey Jennie). I guess that is one game they can play. Garrett said his companion showed him how to solve it in three days. Don't know the names of any people in the pictures so maybe next time I can tell you. Garrett didn't say!

Nov 10, 2009

Garrett recently sent some pictures, so we thought that we would share them with you. this first picture is one that Garrett sent Jordan. I guess that he was teaching an invesigator that had some pretty cool cars...and you know how Garrett loves his cars!

These next two pictures are of Garrett's newest baptism in the ocean.

This Last picture is of a power pole in the poor section of town. It is pretty funny how all the poor hook up there own lines to the poles. Justin reports that is how it is in most south american countries. Every so often the power companies will go around and unhook all the lines. After they leave all the people will come and rehook up all the lines to recieve free power.


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