Aug 28, 2009

Summer Activities

Because I haven't posted since May, I think that I better catch everyone up on things that I've done this summer. Here are a few pictures of some activities that have gone on. I won't post anything that others have posted so these are some things that maybe you haven't seen.
I've been involved in a quilt group going on in our Ward and I finished my first quilt for 4th of July. I'm so proud of it.
Got released from my church job as Gospel Doctrine teacher and put in Young Women again. I guess I need to learn something, because I didn't get it right the many times before. I am loving it and learning to be more compassionate and loving to the inactive girls we have. We have done some fun things this summer, since I've been in this position (Secretary). We went to Girls Camp at Heber Valley. Now this is camping. Cabins and chocolate fountains!!

We had a Moose in camp one evening that came charging in, scared us to death. She had her baby with her so I was heading for cover!! The flag is one that we signed on our hike. I went with the 1st years on their 3 mile hike which turned into a 5 miler!! Anyway we signed the flag with the temple in the middle to pledge that we would remain Virtuous and make it to the temple. The new Value that they added to the YW is Virtue, so most of the activities this year were centered on that.
We went to Idaho to finish up mom's house and clear everything out so that we can sell it. While we were there Patsy wanted to do some Geo Caching so she brought some coordinates for Wendell. We found it in a chain link fence pole,down by Simerly's grocery store. It was fun to go at night.

This year is the 100th Year of the Dinosaur Park. They had a nice program with cake and lemonade. The granddaughters of Earl Douglas who discovered the first bones wrote a book and were there to talk about their experiences of their grandfather and what they remembered about the days when he was in Vernal digging up the bones. It was very interesting.
The rest of the pictures are of different activities and events, but this is getting to long to write about them all. Jordan was in the Duchesne county parade after the Millett reunion. We took the Yw to Nine Butt Falls and had a blast getting wet. The wedding in the Timpanogas Temple of Rodney's son Michael. All the cousins that came to the temple. Baptism's for the dead with the YW and YM. Jordan's first day of school. He finally got his license and was more excited to be driving than anything. The pose....Luv it~~

It has been a fun filled summer with more things than I have posted here. Hope you have enjoyed all the Pic. Love ya...


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