Jun 26, 2010

Happy Memories!

I haven't blogged in a long time because we have been so busy. It has been one event after another. I have been trying to collect pictures of Dustin and so thought that I would write a few memories of a few pics that I have of him. Dustin was a very Happy child and I would take him down to J.C. Penny's to get milestone pictures taken of him. It wasn't like it is now, where you took tons of pictures of your kids with your own camera. There weren't tons of cute clothes that you could buy for little boys, mostly little jeans or cordoroys with a T-shirt. I thought this outfit was just so cute and I also bought some little leather black and white oxfords at Ashton's that he wore alot with his suits for church.

Dustin was always dressed in a suit for church. I guess that was from my upbringing. Mom always had a dressed to the hilt for church or special occasions. I found this cute suit coat for Dustin for Easter and was so excited when I found the exact material that I could make his vest to match. I was also excited to find a yellow shirt to go with it and then made the bow tie to finish off the outfit. He also had little black patend leather shoes that I loved. He was a show stopper on Easter for sure.

I had to include this picture because this suit was made by his great-grandmother Bird. Infact it was his first suit. She sewed it on her treadle sewing machine! I don't think my grandmother ever had an electric one. I was so fortunate to be able to get that same machine when my mother passed away.

This picture was taken at Split Mountain at the boat ramp. I had bought this hat that was red, yellow, and blue striped. He loved wearing it and his "I Hope They Call Me On A Mission" shirt. Our good friends the Rosanhans wanted to take Dustin and Allisha on a hike at Split so away they went. Our neighbors loved the kids and took them alot to give us a break. They only had 2 daughters of their own who were alot older so they were good babysitters as well. They took some great pics of the kids and gave them to us. Such a little man...don't you think?I had to put this picture of my dad and Dustin. He was always playing little games with the kids. On this occasion they were playing piano on the counter top. The music they played was always a cute tune that Dad made up.
Here are my three handsome guys. I guess I should tell about Dustin and the fact that when I was pregnant with Garrett that he was going to run away if I didn't have a boy. He was Serious!! I told him that it wouldn't matter anyway because they would be 12 years apart and it wouldn't matter to him but he insisted. When Garrett was born it was like Christmas to him. He finally had a brother after 5 girls!! He was always very attentive to both boys and played with them alot. We always had to have the "boys" picture taken together. Here are a few more.

This is just one of our trips to my sister's farm. they loved petting the new calves or riding the 4-wheelers or on this occasion, Dad took the kids for a motorcycle ride. Many good times were had on the farm.Who could forget the permed hair!! Just one of those phases in life, I guess. He still looked handsome and loved Scouting. He has quite a collection of badges and eventually got his Eagle.

I had to put this one for Garrett! When my brother got home from his mission in Mexico he brought these hats with him. We had to try them on the kids, so Dustin had his picture taken. Look familiar, Garrett?
The next one is the HUGE snowman that we built the first Thanksgiving Dustin was in Japan. We dressed him up and called the snowman Dustin and had our pictures taken with him. Garrett loved this and even donated his shaps for the occasion.

Many happy Memories were made with Dustin through his lifetime and these are just a few. We are so blessed to have him in our family. We love you and will miss you!!


  1. Very nice Georgia.. I love you!!

  2. What a great post Mom! Those are some great pictures of Dustin. We love him and miss him so much. Love you!

  3. That was a good post mom! :) I don't remember seeing some of those pictures so that was fun. What does Dad have in his mouth in the motorcycle picture? A pen, or a sucker?? Weren't we cute?? :)



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